U3Exchange v3.8 Release Notes

updated since 3.7:

Addition of cleared-check processing.  U3Exchange can now handle Payment Status Exports from OpenInvoice and can convert them into the Bolo Standard Cleared Checks file format.
Added tracking of payments to the status tracking database.
Added new-style objectFactory function to AdpProcessor.  Processors can now be declared in the config file and determined at run-time.
Added new bank account mapping config variable (necessary for generating Bolo cleared-check files)

changes to invoice status updates to allow for handling known successful "failures"
as wells as recoverable "failures".
Added validation of invoice amounts for Coupa invoices (matching original invoice
amount to the amount from Invoicing Service).
Change to Vendor sync file to OpenInvoice for client's not using the Payments module.
Removed some long commented-out code chunks.
Added custom flag to Coupa invoices to indicate if their status had been communicated
to the invoicing service yet or not.
Changed the way notifications are tracked (now using Message() objects)

Enhanced the DSU asynchronous response listener to add logic for successful and recoverable response "failures".

Moved the make_xx_db.sql files into the U3Exchange/tests directory so they can
be using for testing the DB schema (as well as easily used for deployments)

PEP 8 formatting changes.

Added new tests in testConfig to more thoroughly test for proper configuration.
- All U3EXCHANGE vars are now being tested.
- New tests of tracking DB schemas.
- New test for LogServer that checks if it is updating the log file correctly.

Continuing trend to move config file dictionary constants over to ServerInfo/
FileInfo objects.

Continued work on ability to run U3Exchange with a PostgreSQL tracking DB.

Added ability to run StatusDbConnect without passing it a dictionary, or with
passing it a ServerInfo instance.

Beginning work on a new missing_image_processor script that can automatically
determine which invoices are missing permanent files and replace them.

Added stat() method to ServerConnector objects.
Added parent_path() method to ServerConnector objects.

Added generic (un-wrappered) Server Connector creators to the Router.getServer
method, allowing for the creation of ServerConnector objects that don't have
any special 3rd-party app functionality (like generic file-servers).

Added getPermanentFile() method to the BoloDbWrapper class.


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