U3Exchange v2.2 Released

Additions (since version 2.1.15):

Addition of Purchase Order service integration. Added common tables() function to U3DB objects. Addition of close_date to AFE tracking tables in the exports db for tracking changes to AFEs based on close_date. Replaced Payment transaction date/time with that of CHECK_DATE for Payment Updates. Added MICR numbers (if available) to Payment updates (supports pre-printed check numbers).  Added Vendor Name and Voucher numbers to the daily email report.

now allows for supplemental_codes that have nothing in the "bolo_code" field - used when the trans code and category are coming from ADP

Added class method for getting asset number (serial Number), added ability to specify a class method to run insead of a code value to find in the getCustomCodes function. Modified supplemental coding to only include codes as a starting point if they are set as "stand-alone". Added a LogServer (syslog-like) to handle writing to the log file (so multiple instances can run simultaneously and not lock the log file).

Added invoice coding aggregator option. Added new supplemental coding handler.  Added new tests for listening TCP ports, removed sample SMTP_INFO from testEmail, added pwd obfuscation code to common (not yet in use).

Added optional AFE/EntityCode inclusion to the AFE export and config files. 

Minor bug fixes:

fixes to test suite.

Removed unnecessary print statements.

Removed unneeded code and files.

Fixed connect() methods for SMB connections by adding the Path variable.

Fixed currency format in BOLO error messages.

Fix to restrictLength function to account for length changes caused by eventual HTML encoding


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