U3Exchange v3.5 Released

Changes since version 3.3
- Added script to provide file-system clean-up routines (
- Added support for integration with the Coupa Procurement System (requires additional licensing)
- Added RevenueOwner file transmission to WellsFargo
- Added support for using a 3rd-party payment service.
- Added notification of status errors to invoiceStatusUpdate (PO service integration)
- Added support for multiple invoice source systems (PO service integration)
- Added trackInvoicesForPayment job to allow indexing of Approved Invoices for clients who use U3Exchange for sending 3rd-party payments, but not for processing Approved Invoices.
- Added restore_ADP_invoices tool to automatically unarchive invoice specified by a sql statement.
- Modified monitor job to allow sending of invoice post information (or creation of new invoices/requisitions/after-the-fact POs) to the Purchase Order system if it is configured to accept invoice posts.
- Enhanced the fix_missing_bolo_images tool to move missing image attachment files into Bolo’s permanent file storage location based on the contents of a csv file specifying the missing images and their expected perm locations.
- Added option to set Bolo invoice terms based on whether an Invoice has conditional discounts taken or not.
- Added support for OwnerExport and ThirdPartyPayments processing (WellsFargo)
- Daily reports are now recorded to an archive folder as well as being emailed out each day. Useful for times when the report is generated, but the SMTP server is having issues.
- Added ability to automatically set a Pay on Receipt code as the invoice terms for invoices that have an early pay discount.
- Added “allow_tolerances” config option to PO_SERVICE to allow invoices created from a PO to differ in amount from the original PO.
Bug Fixes/Changes
Removed status db write functionality from Response Listener.  Only saves responses to file now (to avoid DB write conflicts).
Modified response handler to set status of payment updates to “Success” if ADP says they failed because they already exist.
Added more robust handling of UTF encoded data from Bolo.
Fix for logic error in 12-to-24 hour time conversion.
Additional code refactoring and internal documentation
removed the "with flock()" function from controller scripts in bin\.  Not necessary with Win 2008+ Task Scheduler.
Fixed CC export to send an “Inactivate” record when a previously entered expiration date transitions from future to past.
modified testConfig to cover other bolo connect tables and situations where webMethods test and prod are installed on separate servers.
created new test for DSU updates (can be run at system setup time).
Other minor bug fixes.


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