OpenInvoice: Amend and Re-Export an Invoice

When an invoice fails to import into your accounting system, you will need to determine the cause of the failure and modify either something in the accounting system, or something in the invoice coding in OpenInvoice and then cause the invoice to be placed back into the OpenInvoice Export queue.  There are two ways for an invoice to get into the OpenInvoice Export queue:

  • Un-Approve/Re-Approve
  • Amend/Re-Export (no need to Re-Approve)

If you have a large number of invoices fail to import all for the same reason (for instance, the accounting period was not open in the accounting system at the time the invoices were processed), it is possible for Unit 3 support personnel to perform a bulk re-export.  Contact us at to request assistance with a bulk re-export.


The most common method that most of our clients utilize is the Amend/Re-Export process.  This can be done with or without making any changes to the invoice coding.


The ability to Amend an invoice in OpenInvoice is a permission that may need to be added to your OpenInvoice user account.  If you do not see the Amend button when you pull up the invoice details in OpenInvoice, contact your OpenInvoice administrator to request that permission be added to your account.


Steps to Amend/Re-Export an Invoice

  • Open up the details page for the invoice you need to amend.
  • Select Amend and click OK.


  • Select the coding tab.
  • If you do not want to make any coding changes, make sure everything is set to Leave so nothing is changed and check the box to select everything in the invoice.
  • If you do need to make coding changes, update them here.
  • Click Apply To Selected.
  • click Save. This will bring you to the Submit screen.
  • On the Submit screen, be sure to check the Re-Export Invoice checkbox.
  • Click Submit.

Once this is complete, OpenInvoice will place the invoice back into the export queue for U3Exchange to pick up the next time its approved invoice export process is scheduled to run.





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